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Sukkur IBA Students Council is responsible for all the matters and activities related to students. This Council lead all the other societies/Clubs operating in Sukkur IBA. All the students of the Sukkur IBA from all disciplines can be the members of this council.

  1. President (Director Sukkur IBA)
  2. Vice President (Student)
  3. General Secretary (Student)
  4. Treasurer (Student)
  5. Member of Executive Committee ( Registrar)
  6. Member of Executive Committee ( Patron-Faculty member)
  7. Member of Executive Committee ( Marketing Manager )


Amanat Ali

Be Happy

It's not about money, looks or status. Being genuinely grateful for what you have and looking forward to the dawn of each day can make you feel a kind of happiness that is contagious.

Amanat Ali
Vice President

Ghalib Hassan

Be Confident

Some people are fortunate enough to be born in the right family. While others have to find their own way. All it requires - never to kneel down in front of unfavourable situtaion and a determination to seize the day as per carpe diem's teaching.

Ghalib Hassan
General Secretary
CS - V

Sajjad Ali

Be Compassionate

Be mindful of your behavior and how you treat others,what you do to others have a funny way coming back on you.Avoid deceiving others because evil communication often corrupt your good manners.

Sajjad Ali
B.Ed - VI



A faculty member who gives support to students' society.He/she is the contributor of the society.


A student society is an organization, operated by students at a university or college to organize events.

Event Calendar

A thing that happens for particular purpose i-e learning or entertainment etc.

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